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Why are Black men staying silent over abuse, mental health and suicide?  'Silence' is an exploration of why British Black heterosexual men are ignored over their experiences of mental health, abuse and suicide. It explores how society willfully overlooks these experiences, perpetuating a cycle of silence, invisibility and pressured masculinities.


A black background was used as a visual metaphor to represent not only the silence surrounding these topics but also society's deliberate blindness to the struggles of British Black men and boys. This darkness symbolises both the isolation felt by those affected and the wider societal indifference to their plight. Against this backdrop of intentional ignorance, voices emerge from the darkness, representing those brave enough to speak out.   

By juxtaposing the dark background of societal ignorance with emerging voices, the documentary visually reinforces its aim to challenge viewers to confront their own complicity in overlooking the struggles of Black men and boys whilst also celebrating those who are breaking the silence.


Aaron Roach Bridgeman  -TV/Documentary Presenter/Poet/Youth Behavioural Specialist

NamesBliss - Rapper/Artist/ Youth Educator 

Patrick Allimadi/ Methadon Music - Producer/Engineer/Youth Educator

Michael Olasope - Pastor/Writer

Editor: Irene Carter

Thank you to the inspiring contributors for sharing their stories and for making this possible. 

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